What we do at Access Ireland

As a non-political entity we can produce a web based platform which will give independent, honest, verified information on the facilities available nationwide for people with special needs.

Benefits:  of Access Ireland services are obvious, but include:

A. Visitors can find work, accommodation, restaurants, retail and public services that offer adequate support for their special requirements, be that accessible parking or brail menus or Audio loop technology and so on.

B. Businesses can get feedback on which services they need to offer for their potential customers and employees

C. Having this facility will encourage differently abled people with special needs to travel to or within Ireland and choose to visit or live in places that welcome them and values their abilities.

Market Research

Collecting and collating the data for publishing

Strategic Planning

Providing useful data and advice to supplier, employers and local services

Real Analysis

Helping you find the services and resources you need

Why Support Us

Help us make our community more accessible to all its members. Our platform will gather and publish useful information, find out what is required and help advise on best practice.