Disability Equality Training

Disability Equality Training services

Disability Equality Training services offered by Access Ireland for the Hospitality sector and Business in general. Let us help your team become more facilitating of people with disabilities, who make up 20% of your potential market. Are you missing out on opportunities of the ‘Purple Pound’ spend in your business.

All training is delivered by Qualified, Dedicated, Devoted trainers who have many years experience in this area, are well qualified and usually sit on a number of National and local boards in this space. Well known generally as an active advocate of people with disabilities, our trainers have a wealth of first hand experience in the area.
Let our Trainers explain a bit about the challenges faced by people with a disability.
What is defined under the title of disability.
What do you know and what do you need to know.
How inclusive are you and your team.
How can you improve things for people with such challenges in your workplace, for fellow workmates or customers or people in general in your wider community.
What changes are needed to improve conditions for people with a disability and how can you be a part of that change.

Training Grants and Support
Our training is supported by Government through the Department of Social Protection, which offers a 90% grant in the first year against any investment of up to €20,000 by any business. It moves to 80% in the second and following years. Even any related books or manuals are covered up to €650, so the challenge for you is not cost, but rather commitment. For full details about the grants, see the Welfare.ie page HERE

Training is not yet obligatory, but it will become so. And the grants are to be reduced soon, so now is a great time to take advantage of the supports.

Typical curriculum for Disability Equality Training Course

Overview of 5 module course, delivered over 4 hours.

 Overview of course.
Definition of disability
What do we mean by disability?
How is it defined?
What is the prevalence and range of disability in Ireland?

What are the practical accommodations/considerations to meet the needs of customers with disabilities?
Disability and society
How do we view disability in society?
How does the social model differ from the medical model?
How does society restrict people with disabilities? Barriers to inclusion

How can we create a more inclusive society?
Equality and disability
What is reasonable accommodation?
What are the legal duties and responsibilities of public bodies?
What legislation covers disabled people’s rights to equal status and employment opportunities? This include:
The Disability Act 2005
The National Disability Authority’s “Code of Practice on Accessibility of Public Services and Information Provided by Public Bodies”
The united nations’ Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2006)
The Employment Equality Acts 1998–2008
The Equal Status Acts 2000–2008.
How some people with disabilities can face discrimination in other dimensions, such as racism etc.

Disability and communication
What language should I use when interacting with, or talking about, people with disabilities?
How does my organisation interact with people with disabilities?
What myths and misconceptions exist about people with disabilities?
How does media imagery portray people with disabilities?
Proactive approach
What are my organisation’s equal opportunities policies and procedures?
What is accessibility?

How could my organisation be more accessible?
How can I improve my own practices to be more inclusive of people with disabilities?

Number of attendees
We tailor the training for each individual client, each industry and each group of attendees, with numbers ranging from 6 minimum to 16 maximum.

Time required: Duration 4 hours
At the end of the 4 hours of training we will give you a template to fill in on your own business, infrastructure, premises and policies for training in disability equality training. We provide a Certificate of Training for each individual and one for the business to display proudly.

Typical examples.

Recent case – Hotel Industry for a group of 10 for half day for 4 hours with a break half way for 20 minutes. Delivered on site. Investment €90 per person being €900, where the hotel recouped €810 from the Department of Social Protection. Net cost €90

Levels of Training offered


DSP LogoBronze Certificate – Ideal for front of house staff, receptionists, waiters, cashiers, service station attendants, sales staff etc.

Silver Certificate – Ideal for front of house and management

Gold Certificate – Ideal for whole team, front of house, back of house and management

Download the Disability Awareness Training Grant Claim Form below

DisabilityAwarenessTrainingGrantClaim (1)

Why do the training?

1. Personal Development – Allow your team become more aware of disability and how to recogninse and support people with disabilities
2. Customer Service – Empower staff to be able to cater to people with disability
3. Logistics – Learn how to manage having people with disabilities on your premises
4. Recruitment – Learn how to manage having people with disabilities on your staff and avail of the opportunity of employing someone with a disability who can do a specific job well
5. Be inclusive – Make your business a place where people with a disability are openly welcomed as visitors, customers or staff
6. Purple Pound – With 1 in 5 people having a disability, you could cater to that audience to increase sales
7. Marketing – Use your certification to promote your business as one that caters to and welcomes people with disabilities

“We all left that training gobsmacked and enlightened. We will never forget what we learned, which is unusual. Frank explained everything so well and we were surprised at how little we knew on the subject of Disability “
Dan Breen

Managing Director, MovieGo Film Facilities

“We signed up for the training because of the 90% grant, but now we recommend it 100%. The training gave me the confidence going forward knowing that we are much better equipped to welcome people with disabilities in the correct manner. Every business should do this, as it opens your mind to so much potential business as well as being very informative.”
Name with Author

Company owner, Donegal Hospitality outlet

Contact Us

Frank Larkin  1972 - 2020

Frank Larkin 1972 - 2020

CoFounder - Senior Trainer

Along with a lifetime of lived experience of disability, Frank also had many years experience of working, campaigning & advocating in the sector. He had worked for myself and also for local disability organisations. He also represented disability organisations on their boards and at conferences locally, nationally and internationally. Frank was National chairperson of Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland for 2 years and during this time oversaw the recruitment of a new CEO for the organisation.

Frank had been involved in many disability campaigns including campaigns leading into elections where we were calling for better services in many different aspects of our lives not least “personal assistant services for people with disabilities. Frank had been fortunate on 1 occasion to attend the former “Strasbourg (now Brussels) freedom drive. A brilliant event, where biannually people with disabilities come together to celebrate disability and to engage with decision makers at the EU parliament.

His main area of work had been working for himself as a disability awareness & equality trainer. Frank delivered training with the hope of increasing the knowledge within society as a whole on disability issues. And with the hope that our society will break down the societal, attitudinal and physical barriers that exist in preventing people with disabilities from being fully included in society.
Graduate: Maynooth University. Qualification : Certificate in Disability Studies, Award Type and NFQ level : Certificate Level 7.

Legacy: Frank leaves us with a template and the determination to make a difference, in a way that would make him proud.