Letterkenny your accessible destination in Donegal

A welcome home for people with disability, Letterkenny is the Beta town for us to test the plan and we have been getting great support from the local Chamber, Council, Failte Ireland and HSE to name a few local service providers. This corner of the North West wants to offer a home to people with a challenge, to holiday or live in a community that cares enough to provide the facilities needed for a more inclusive society.

Commitment from Access Ireland

We came up with a commitment to a number of proposed deliverables for Letterkenny, so that any key sponsors or supporters can see our annual progress and a tangible return on their investment. Any shortfall in any deliverable, would give a sponsor or supporter a reason to end their support, so we must deliver on our promises.

Year 1

Year one includes employing one full-time administrator creating the Access Donegal website and getting 500 facilities/businesses listed. Quite a challenge, but one that needs to be surmounted to get the sort of inclusivity we proposed.

Year 2

Year two would create a mobile app and a way of educating and informing. This would enable linked service suppliers to offer better services to people with a challenge.

Year 3

Year three would see us create online training modules to help service providers and their staff learn to cater for people with a challenge in their own time, on their own PC or smart phone.


Letters of support include:

“Dear Frank and Michael

Re: Access Letterkenny initiative

Having spoken regarding this initiative on several occasions we are pleased to see its development to this stage.

Letterkenny Chamber of Commerce is pleased to see this project taking shape and very happy to support the Access Letterkenny Initiative. This digital facility, much needed by many citizens and visitors alike, has the potential to make Letterkenny stand out as a town that welcomes people with disabilities and values their abilities.

It will also serve as a very useful promotional tool for businesses throughout the town and will help create awareness among the business community of the need to become fully accessible and play their part in an inclusive society.

To that end Letterkenny Chamber is happy to offer its support and to actively encourage others to support Access Letterkenny. We will be happy to help in any other way we can to get this project fully up and running.

Kind regards


Toni Forrester

CEO Letterkenny Chamber of Commerce

 www.letterkennychamber.com ”


Dear Frank,
As a one stop shop for visitors to Letterkenny with accessibility needs who want to establish what facilities/amenities etc meet their needs this will be a valuable asset with up to date information on what accommodation, attractions, activities and amenities are suitable for them.
Failte Ireland supports this proposal on the basis that the project is in line with our overall tourism development strategy and that the project is compliant with all relevant regulations.
We commend you for taking this initiative and wish you every success with your project.

Yours sincerely,

Joan Crawford
Project Manager
Wild Atlantic Way