Menuspeak by Mopius

Menuspeak_MopiusOne of the companies and initiatives I was extremely impressed with at the Zero project conference in February was an IT start up company called Mopius from Austria.

They have developed MenuSpeak a multilingual barrier free application to help visually impaired people to choose food & drink from menus in cafes, bars or restaurants.

MenuSpeak is a great example of how through technologies people with disabilities can be more included in society.

The Menuspeak app can identify a users specific location through iBeacons. these Bluetooth transmitters are installed in locations that communicate with any user held smartphone.

The menu then becomes available in more than 50 languages and it can even read the menu out loud if that is the preference of the user. Once the choice is made the user can then place their items in the virtual shopping cart. It is currently being used in Austria and Jamaica and the multi language app is able to be easily replicated in other countries.

Hard Rock Cafe Vienna, Cafe Wien Group and the community of visually impaired in Austria are all project partners and have all supported this brilliant initiative financially for marketing & promotional purposes.

Mopius is working on a self financed sustainable business model and we wish them all the best with all of their endeavors into the future.

Keep an eye out for more blogs on such brilliant initiatives coming shortly.