Our own challenge

Welcoming adversity – seeing opportunity in disability. How do we make what we offer enticing to people with disability, even as a part of our CSR Corporate Social Responsibility, to allow us be seen to truly offer equal opportunity. Companies could get some great talent if they think outside the box with a good policy of inclusivity which could help them get all the talent they want and encourage these people to live and work in a community that will be welcoming and value their presence.

With one in four people being defined as suffering disbility, which may be over arched, but even say one in five or one in six, it means that up to 20% of the talent pool faces a challenge. How can companies stand out from the crowd and attract this talent to their doors? What can be offered to make choosing a company easier? Or choosing a community?

Dependancy on disability

Many people in the same talent pool have a dependent relative with a challenge or disability and they want to live and work in a company and community that values their presence and offers the sort of supports that are required to live the best life possible. It could be flexible working hours, working from home, job sharing, public transport, suitable schools, medical support and so many other aspects of community living. For people who face a challenge or disability in their lives, being able to work around the challenge is critical to being productive at work.